Shaanxi Bynovo 1-methylcyclopropene 1-mcp Tablets Concentration: 1% 1-MCP tablet Weight: 0.5g Manufacturer: Shaanxi Bynovo Green Biotech Co., Ltd.

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Shaanxi Bynovo 1-methylcyclopropene 1-mcp Tablets

1-Methylcyclopropene(1-MCP), as a plant growth regulator, is an excellent ethylene inhibitor. The irreversible binding of 1-MCP to the ethylene receptor blocks the normal physiological function of ethylene, thereby delaying the quality decline caused by ethylene. In view of non-toxic, non-pollution and high efficiency, 1-MCP has broad application prospects in the preservation of fruits, vegetables and flowers. In some developed countries, 1-MCP, as a preservative, is called a revolutionary development.
Concentration: 1% 1-MCP tablet
Weight: 0.5g

Instructions for 1-methylcyclopropene tablet:

1. Normal temperature fumigation can be carried out in an environment of 10 ℃ -25 ℃, fumigation time is 8-12 hours. In the case of cold storage or overwintering (0 ℃ -13 ℃), the fumigation treatment time should be properly extended, generally 12-24 hours. After the time is up, you can ventilate.

2. When fumigating, please close the fumigation space immediately, do not make the air in the space convection with the outside air, so as not to lose active gas.

3. Fumigation treatment with preservatives within 1-7 days after the harvest of agricultural products has the best effect, and the preservation period is most obvious.

The usage of the tablet form(0.5g 1-mcp tablet , 1%):

1. First calculate the volume of storage space (length × width × height) (m³). For 1-methylcyclopropene preservative, each tablet can handle 2.5m³ of storage space.

2. Calculate the most suitable dosage according to the ambient temperature, space volume and predetermined processing time.

3. Pour the tablet into the cup, and then fix the cup at a relatively high position in the space, then add enough solvent (approx.45°C purified water) to the cup and quickly seal the storage room for fumigation.





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